Sunday ServiceMay 27th 10:30am
Rev. Bette Webb
Eternal Youth - Your Dreams

Tuesday ServiceMay 29th 7:30pm-9pm
Rev. Cindy Fuller
Malta Meditation

Reiki NightJune 9th 6-8:30pm
Appts Available -Drop ins welcomed
Love offering

InnerQuest FestSaturday, Oct 13th from 11am to 5pm
Unique Vendors, Readings, Healings,
Classes, and Food!

MALTA 2018May 17 - May 26
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mission statement

  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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  • Sunday Services

    Eternal Youth - Your Dreams  Rev. Bette Webb

  • Tuesday Service

    Malta Meditation - Tonight we will discuss our experiences at Malta and will be leading you all on a shared journey of the energies. Rev. Cindy Fuller leads.

  • Feng Shui Classes

    Entrances & Exits - This class is to allow each participant to begin to anchor in the Feng Shui mindset. 


  • Sunday Services

    Touching Many Worlds  Rev Cindy Fuller

  • Bookclub

    Sunday after church service. 

    It's not too late to join bookclub! 

    The book this month is Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered by Machaelle Small Wright. 

  • Tuesday Service

    Cosmic Healing - Tonight we will heal with the Brotherhood of Light. Rev. Patrick Abent leads.

Daily Affirmations
  • “A moment’s sorrow can take you off your path for years.”
  • “Defending your position prolongs your suffering. Either own your space or move.”
  • “You won't find your soul in the details of your life. It sits above, waiting to be remembered.”
  • “Inner resistance to your dreams can be felt long before the obstacles appear. Let the resistance melt and choose to receive.”
  • “Purpose + passion = identity in this world”