Sunday ServiceMay 28th 10:30am
Rev. Cindy Fuller
Self Talk - Action

Tuesday ServiceMay 30th 7:30pm-9pm
Rev Cindy Fuller

Healing NightJune 10th 6-8:30pm
Drop ins welcomed - Love offering
Experience the healing power of Reiki

Fall Festival & Psychic FairSaturday, October 14th, 11am to 5pm
Mini-Readings, Healings, Classes
Unique Crafts, Fresh Food

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  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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  • Sunday Services

    Self Will - Action  Rev Cindy Fuller

  • Tuesday Service

    Mudras- Tonight we will meditate moving from one mudra to another.  This will enable us to feel the different energies moving through our bodies.  Love Offering

  • Sunday Service

    Jesus Planted Seeds   Rev. Cindy Fuller

  • Men's Breakfast

    All men are invited to join Patrick for a men's breakfast.  Be prepared for great food and conversation.  Bring a dish to share if you like.

  • Tuesday Service

    Feeling Your Intuitive Energy  -   We have all experienced 20/20 vision realizing as we look back on an event we had felt our intuitive energy but had not recognized it. We will explore how to be aware of these feelings.  Rev Charmayne Scruggs  Love Offering

  • Healing Night

    Come and experience a 20 min Reiki session. This is a great opportunity for those new to energy healing.  All ages are welcome.  No appointment necessary.  Love Offering.

Daily Affirmations
  • “I don't want to 'prove' myself in the world. I want to 'experience' myself in the world.”
  • “When I keep my eyes on God-- I feel only love.”
  • “God's will is a State of Being. Not directives from 'on high'.”
  • “Strong individuals are created when they are supported in their Individuality!”
  • “By right of vibration I rise; not through victory or accomplishment. By right of vibration I rise.”