Sunday ServiceFebruary 25 10:30am
Rev. Patrick Abent
Allowing the Christ to Grow

Tuesday ServiceFebruary 27th 7:30pm-9pm
Rev. Cindy Fuller
Super Powers

Reiki NightFebruary 10th 6-8:30pm
Appts Available -Drop ins welcomed
Love offering

InnerQuest FestSaturday, May 5th from 11am to 5pm
Unique Vendors, Readings, Healings,
Classes, and Food!

MALTA 2018May 17 - May 26
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mission statement

  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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  • Meditation I Class
    Meditation I Class- 2/1/18-2/22/18 - $80 for the series. Learn to relax. Open to Your Intuition. Connect with God & Improve Concentration. This series offers many different meditation techniques to teach you the basics. You will learn to relax the body and to focus the mind so you can "go within." Then you will find that world of peace and guidance that you always knew existed.
  • Metaphysics II

    Metaphysics II- 2/24/18-3/31/18 - We will take our study further in exploring how our energy perceptions fit in traditional theology and how to live as Children of God. Met I is a prerequisite.



  • Sunday Services

    Allowing the Christ to Grow Rev Patrick Abent

  • Tuesday Service

    Super Powers - What type of superhero would you choose to be? And what type of superhero are you right now? Join us for an insightful evening of empowerment!

  • Psychic Development I

    Psychic Development I - 3/1/18-4/5/18 - A 6 week series to teach you how to calm your focus so that you can begin to see into another's energy. These are easy techniques to not only "read" someone but to also begin to interpret the symbols and energies you touch. Foundational class for all others. $450

  • Abun Dance!
    Saturday, 7pm til...? Join us for an evening of building up energy to become magnets for good. It is good to dream, but it is also important to get your entire energy field involved. Come and "dance in" abundance.
Daily Affirmations
  • “Connection with God creates constancy in our worlds.”
  • “We are not only human, we are the evolving spiritual beings of light learning through matter.”
  • “The Christ has to grow within us so that it becomes stronger than the pattern of the earth consciousness that we currently hold.”
  • “You may have sight, but not know the value of seeing.”
  • “I choose not to be a reflection of anyone else. I choose to be an expression of God.”