Sunday ServiceOctober 23rd 10:30am
Rev. Cindy Fuller
Your Purpose is in the Details

Tuesday ServiceOctober 25th 7:30pm-9pm
Rev. Cindy Fuller
Your MailBox Angels

Healing NightNovember 12th 6-8:30pm
Drop ins welcomed - Love offering
Experience the healing power of Reiki

Holiday ProgramsDec 18th - Metaphysics of Christmas
Dec 24th - Christmas Eve Candlelighting
Dec 31st - Burning Bowl Service

mission statement

  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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  • Tuesday Service

    Angels--Mail Box Angels-Our own Inner Quest angels that asked to be brought to earth so that their gift to mankind could become a reality.  Join us as we connect in gratitude and strengthen the bond between us.

  • Sunday Service
    A Play, IQ Players
  • Metaphysics of Christmas

    This is our annual celebration of mankind's journey as a Child of God. The choir and message is amazing! Childcare is provided. Love Offering.

  • Candlelighting Service
    Join us for a time to honor Jesus the Christ and the light within us all. Childcare is provided. Love Offering.
  • Burning Bowl Service
    An evening of renewal as we release the energies of 2016 and welcome in 2017. Childcare is provided. Love Offering.
Daily Affirmations
  • “Take failure out of your formula. Be Light. ”
  • “Only when we are free to celebrate ourselves can our light fully shine. ”
  • “Heart. eartH. A place of Love. ”
  • “Until we are comfortable not being in control, we cannot feel the oneness with God.”
  • “Love comes in when the mind lets go. ”